Student keeps up great tradition at the TexStyle exhibition


Student keeps up great tradition at the TexStyle exhibition

Monday 11th December, 2017

Once again OneSchool has come to the fore with Wagga Wagga’s Tasha Gordon HSC Major Textiles project being selected for inclusion in TexStyle 2018, which is part of the Intocraft Show at Sydney’s Rosehill Racecourse.

TexStyle is an annual show and includes works of excellence achieved in the Y12 Textiles & Design course. A range of creative, textile wearable clothing and creations are on display at the show, which is designed to demonstrate the outstanding achievements in this subject and to inspire future HSC students. Tasha is very happy to be part of the event.

 “It’s exciting to think that what I did was considered to be exemplary,” said Tasha, “and the fact that it has been nominated to be on display for others to see is very satisfying. I invested six months of hard work into this textile art piece, so it is nice that others will be able to see it, and if it can inspire another student that is even better”

OneSchool students are no strangers to being nominated as over the past five years they have been selected to exhibit at the show, with the highlight of four entries from MET selected in 2013 when Year 12 HSC students Josie Baker, Tirzah Hills, Leonie Sanderson and Brittany Thompson showed a range of textile art, costume, furnishing and apparel items. In 2014, Margie Donald completed a London-inspired ottoman that was digitally printed and then embellished, which created a magnificent piece.

Then in 2015, Jane Lacey offered up a full-length gown depicting a forest floor, while in 2016 Nadia Wallis completed a sophisticated dress that was exhibited at the show.

Tasha found previous work to be an inspiration. “Being able to see projects in real life is invaluable,” she says. “Being able to see exactly what the markers considered to be an excellent Major Textile Project gives you a better understanding of what is expected in the MTP.”

When it comes to the exhibition itself, students and their teacher are invited to the opening night where they are presented with a certificate by a special guest. Although there is no prize money on offer, to be nominated is enough. The student has the satisfaction of knowing that their work has been selected as sample of an exemplary HSC piece.

These great achievements of our incredibly dedicated and talented Textiles & Design student are credit to the school. OneSchool hopes to be able to continue nurturing our students’ amazing creativity and talent and continue our recognition in this subject. This would not have been possible without the support our girls had from teachers, friends and family, which is invaluable for students who are completing in a major project.