Sporty side to students shines through


Sporty side to students shines through

Thursday 20th July, 2017

Daniel Vidal is a PDHPE teacher at MET’s Oatlands campus and has been teaching for two-and-half  years. He enjoys working at OneSchool and the staff there. And it comes as no surprise to those that know him, he especially likes the students’ attitude towards physical activities.

“The staff get along very well and the communication within the staff room is excellent. This allows everyone to know what is going on within the school,” he says. “Also, I love the eagerness the students show to participate in sport.”

Most previous school’s Daniel has worked at have been very technology-driven. OneSchool’s push on technology has a lot to do with VC, SDL and their learning centres that are being developed. While Daniel hasn’t had much to do with VC, he is impressed with SDL and what it offers students.

“I haven’t had much to do with VC,” he says. “However, SDL I believe is fantastic as it allows students to explore and learn by asking questions.”

Learning is something that just doesn’t happen by rote, so SDL also makes students think for themselves and solve problems for themselves.

A big part of any school is the community that supports it. How does he find the students and parent support compared to other schools he has taught at?

“There are always going to be challenges but the students are more often than not eager to learn,” he says. “The parent support has been fantastic. Any issue that has arisen with a student has always been backed with the support of the parents.”