Small classes and amazing students


Small classes and amazing students

Friday 4th August, 2017

MET English and History teacher Jessica Smith says the biggest differences she has noticed between working at state schools and OneSchool are the small classes and access to resources. However, what she really enjoys is working with amazing students.

“I find that, for the most part, students are engaged in learning and show a genuine interest in improving their results and achieving their best,” she says. “Their drive encourages me to be the best teacher that I can be, as when they give more, I too want to give more. The students I teach at MET are amazing! I not only enjoy teaching them but also learning from them.”

Jessica has been teaching for five years, with the past two at MET. Like all OneSchool campuses, self-directed learning and virtual classroom teaching via Zoom are relatively new tools for teachers, who as Jessica points out, also aid in their own development as teachers.

“Teaching a VC class for the first time this year has allowed me to reflect on my own teaching practice,” she says. “Despite requiring some adjustment in delivery, I have found the experience to be quite positive as it has provided me with an improved understanding of how students learn. It has encouraged me to be more flexible and creative when planning my lessons as I have been forced to think outside the box in order to maintain student engagement and enhance learning outcomes in what is a rigorous academic course.”

Finally, there is the support not just from other faculty members but parents, too.

“Parents at MET are very supportive and encouraging as they want the best for their children,” she says. “As a teacher I recognise that parental support is key to a student’s positive behavior and success at school. Many parents that I have had the pleasure of interacting with at MET have supported me as a teacher and worked alongside me in rectifying any behavioral or academic concerns that have been raised. Additionally, MET parents have also shared in their child’s successes and celebrated their growth with me, which has allowed my job to be even more rewarding.”