MET welcomes Annette Duke to Head Office


MET welcomes Annette Duke to Head Office

MET School Head Office would like to welcome Annette Duke who has joined MET in a temporary administrative office position until the end of term.

Annette has more than 14 years experience in the education sector including her most recent position as the Registrar of the American School of Dubai. As well as working in the United Arab Emirates, Annette has held positions in Brunei and South Korea. She moved to Australia from Canada due to her husband taking up a position at Western Sydney University.

What does her role involve and what does she like most about it? “My main role is to provide central office administrative support,” says Annette. “My favourite part of the day in my previous role was giving good news to parents or students about their status or performance at school.”

Annette is looking forward to her time at MET. “During my stay here at MET, I hope to learn more about how to manage the many varied activities that contribute to a successful school.”

In her spare time Annette likes to explore, camp, hike, travel and canoe with her husband. She says they are enjoying all the wonderful things that Australia has to offer.