media release – JULY 2017


media release – JULY 2017

Tuesday 22nd August, 2017

On 22nd August, 14 students from MET School Orange formed two teams to write a book in one day for childrens’ cancer research.  More than 252 Schools/Groups, and 773 teams across Australia took part in the competition raising more than $176,813.

Students of MET School Orange are to be congratulated on their outstanding success in the competition and at this stage are currently ranked 1st and 3rd place out of the 773 teams for their sponsorship and fundraising efforts. Official winners will be announced on the 11th November.

The activity was a part of the annual national “Write a Book in a Day” competition which is run by The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Students were given a brief and then had just 12 hours write, illustrate, bind and submit a storybook of up to 5000 words. Each book was then donated to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia.

Students commented that writing had “never been so fun” and that it “really bought them together as a team”.


Not only did our students develop leadership skills, engage in teamwork and creative problem solving, but they were covering key English curriculum requirements to set them up for life. The real value-add to this competition is that participants are giving to a cause that is relevant to them.