M.E.T. Wagga Young Scientists Award


M.E.T. Wagga Young Scientists Award

Recently Ryleigh Stead scooped first prize in her category for her entry in the Young Scientists Award and travelled with her family to university of Wollongong to claim her prize - $150!

In addition, she received a grant of $1000 for M.E.T. Wagga which is sponsored by Rowe Scientific School Grants. The major objective of Rowe's sponsorship is to directly reward hard-working science students. They are also keen for the Young Scientist Awards to attract greater engagement from schools, teachers and students from rural or remote locations. 

In response, for 2016 Rowe Scientific awarded three school grants of $1000 to be distributed amongst a few hard-working science students from each school. To be eligible, the school must come from a rural or remote location and have two or more entries from year 7-2 students in the  2016 STANSW Young Scientist Awards.

In our second year of competing we had six students from primary and secondary design and make a model of their invention.

Secondary Students:
Lawson Stead - floatable levee banks
Chelsea Stead - portable trolley scanner

Primary Students:
Logan Wallace - roo detector
Jasper Stead - mower trailer
Kelvin Whitehead - stair climbing wheelchair
Ryleigh Stead - bird scarer

All of these students put a great deal of time into thinking about, designing and modifying their idea for an invention. They have worked with their families and other supporters to solve problems an be innovative, and they have created some truly amazing inventions. They also had to complete a detailed log book of the process and film the working model to submit for their entry.

Well done to all the students for your hard work and commitment.

We would like to espcially congratulate the following two students:

Jasper Stead (year 6) who received the HIGHLY COMMENDED award

Ryleigh Stead (year 4) who came 1st in her category!

Ryleigh and her family were invited to attend the formal Presentation Ceremony at the University of Wollongong on Wednesday the 2nd November, which was an exciting evening for Ryleigh and the Stead family. (Their second year!)

Both the place-getters and the entrants who achieved a Highly Commended award have the further opportunity to send their projects onto the national BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards.

Thank you to Mrs Stephens, who has continually encouraged the students to persist with their ideas and has supported them throughout the whole process. To Mr Parmenter, for supporting the students each Monday lunchtime and then filming the working models to submit their entries. To Mrs Randall who ran the Passion Project in Primary last term, which helped ignite their curiosity and their confidence in their abilities to take on such a big challenge.