M.E.T. Cowra Musical


M.E.T. Cowra Musical

For their end of term assembly, M.E.T. cowra students put on a fantastic musical called 'Pirates and Mermaides'.

With lots of swashbuckling pirates, mysterious mermaides and a very, very chatty parrot, the students lead the audience on an advanture across the seven seas that they are sure to remember for a lifetime!

The pirates attended the best school in the sea... Me Hearty High School! Here, they learnt sword play, treausre counting and had plenty of walk-the-plank lessons! Arrrrrr!!!!

The beautiful mermaides sole puropse was to taunt the pirates. There were many clever tricks played, however, with their excellent education and latest technology, the pirates were able to play some of their own tricks!

It says in the Pirate Handbook that to be a proper pirate, it is an absolute necessity to have a talkign parrot! Indiana Wallace was fantastic as our very chatty parrot, driving the pirates and mermaides mad & keeping the audience amused!

Finally, after much teasing and taunting, the pirates and mermaides gave in and were brought together by their love of the sea... and a fantastic pool party!