Change for the good


Change for the good

Monday 3rd July, 2017


After teaching at a independent Country NSW all boys day/boarding school for several years, new MET Goulburn teacher Geoffrey Gowland says the environment at OneSchool is a lot different from his previous roles. This are many pluses including the  co-ed aspect and the time he can now spend with his family.

“I was immediately taken by the different dynamic that girls bring to a classroom,” says Geoffrey. “A class of boys only his high energy, fast paced. A class with boys and girls brings moments of high energy as well as opportunities for reflection. And because the MET school doesn’t operate on weekends, I get to watch and support my children play sport, which is great, too.”

Geoffrey has been teaching for 16 years after a stint in the finance sector and now teaches a Stage 3 primary class. He find the OneSchool environment more conducive to his teaching style in that there are less interruptions, which in turn leads to greater concentration on what is most important of all – teaching.

“I’ve found class teaching time has been remarkably uninterrupted,” he says. “This has meant that I’ve been able to focus on building lessons with greater depth and more continuity. The collegial environment at the Goulburn campus has also been very supportive. Staff have been generous with their time and assistance.”

Geoffrey has also introduced the students to some SDL initiatives in History and English. As Primary students they are developing the understanding that they can have some choice in the activities that they do in class. He is encouraging them to take more responsibility for their learning, and finds them interested in their lessons.

“So far, the students have been engaging and responsive,’ he says “I’ve been pleased that I’ve started to get to know the class and the students. It’s also been great how they have responded to the challenges and boundaries that I’ve set. I’m really looking forward to the second half of the year and seeing what we can achieve.”

One of the biggest things he’s noticed is parent engagement. Not just in being interested in how their children are going scholastically, but also with helping out at the school.

“The community of the MET school is obviously supportive and generous,” he says. “Many parents have introduced themselves or made contact. They have been keen to offer assistance and are respectful in their communication. As someone who likes using parents as resources, I’m sure I’ll be able to call on the parent community in the future for all kinds of assistance.”

And Geoffrey’s overall attitude towards teaching? “I’m please to say that I haven’t had to go to ‘work’ since I started teaching. Although I started teaching at the MET school in May this year and the days fly by, it feels like I’ve been here longer.”