Our Teachers

We have a focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers and offer an attractive package with competitive remuneration, good student discipline, proven academic performance and small class sizes.

Many of our teachers have years of experience teaching in both government and independent schools in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. This breadth of diversity of professional background along with ongoing professional development provides M.E.T. with a strong teaching structure. Teaching in this environment along with small class sizes contributes greatly to job satisfaction and excellent student outcomes.

M.E.T. is committed to the Australian curriculum and its associated pedagogy. We take every opportunity to be part of Ministry of Education provided learning and development programs and provide an Australian school-wide professional learning and development plan and courses. Each campus complements this plan with their own more specific requirements.


''I'm deeply appreciative of the opportunities that have been provided to me in this position, and the support and encouragement that I have received from all my colleagues and the Community.  This job has been a wonderful opportunity for me as a beginning teacher - it has been both personally and professionally rewarding.  I will certainly cherish the memories of my time here, and the great people I've had the pleasure of working with and teaching''   Teaching Staff 

"The attraction of M.E.T. School is the smaller class sizes, the respectful attitude of the students, the support from the parents & local school board and the opportunity to build a staff that could contribute to growth and change. It did not take long for me to realise that there was more to the M.E.T. School. I discovered that the whole community lived by certain values; Integrity, care & compassion, respect, responsibility and commitment, all of which are words you could find in most schools. The difference I found was that we as a school community actually discussed, practiced and acknowledged these values on a daily basis. We all LIVED practicing these values." Teaching Staff

"One of the best parts of being in this system is the opportunity to collaborate across campuses and states!" Teaching Staff