Simon Brooks

          MET School Consultant


Prior to his appointment as Consultant at MET, Simon was Head of Teaching and Learning K-12 at Masada College, St Ives. In this role, Simon leads the provision of international professional development opportunities for teachers, empowering them to become reflective practitioners and outstanding educators.

For the past eight years, Simon has led Masada's whole-school focus on developing a Culture of Thinking, working closely with the Project Zero team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In 2014, he was honoured to become a fellow of the Project Zero Institute at Harvard University.

Simon was the founder of the Masada Professional Development Centre, which provides PD for teachers and schools keen to find ways to place thinking at the heart of what happens in classrooms. In this capacity, Simon worked closely with a number of educators and schools in Australia, supporting the in developing cultures which nurture critical and creative thinking. Simon has been invited to share these ideas at many scholar and conferences, including the Mind and Its Potential Conference at the Sydney Convention Centre.

At the end of 2014, Simon completed his Master of Education degree at UNSW, Sydney, and was also pleased to be the recipient of the prestigious Dean's Student Leadership Award for Educational Leadership.

He is now a consultant at MET and running a PD program which is based on Harvard Project Zeros Culture of Thinking.