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MET School leaders collaborated with school leaders from all Australian affiliated schools for an exciting day of new initiatives and ideas!

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From school choirs and thrilling excursions to athletics carnivals and cooking competitions. Keep watch for these exciting adventures on our video page!

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‘Learning to Learn’ Centre

Far from being just another classroom, a successful learning centre must be well planned to incorporate many elements that support the learning and the learning environment in a welcoming work area. While these centres will need to be designed with the needs and limitations of specific campuses in mind.

Self-directed learning

• a variety of learning spaces
• small glassed-off areas for small group and one-on-one tuition and for student conferences with off-site teachers
• other areas for a variety of learning and working opportunities
• the teacher work-room, so that students can access teacher assistance with their assignments and the teachers can model working patterns


  • What our teachers are saying: This system provides excellent opportunities to collaborate across Campuses & States!. -
  • What our teachers are saying: Oh my goodness we are so fortunate with our facilities. - J.C.
  • What our teachers are saying: Lots of support from mentor, staff, directors, parents and students. . - J.G.
  • What our teachers are saying: Amazing inspirational, motivated and creative team to be a part of! - S.P.
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